The Sox first night game for a while, ‘away’ to the Twins, which means an 11 a.m. start here and a lie in for me. Our new fifth starter Snr Tavarez should be on the mound (no way will you catch me using his Batsh i t nickname, the man’s a nutter) and I’m debating whether to concoct a reason for working from home to catch all the excitement, or just take an early lunch and get home around the fourth.


By that time he might be halfway through a no-hitter or back in the clubhouse after beaning some poor unsassuming Twins batter.

I think I’ll go for the early lunch: I really should save the WFH story for games that count!

Incidentally, his Wikipedia entry has his name as Julián Tavárez with accented a’s which I’ve not seen before and have no idea how to pronounce.

Roll on Tuesday breakfast time: Sox at KC!



  1. John

    In case anyone noticed, Schilling was actually the starter today and seems to have pitched quite well. I sort of caught some of the game on MLBTV but without the TV part. Let’s hope it gets better in the regular season

  2. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    John, Schilling pitched 5 2 hit, no run innings and looks ready for the season. The pen looked good also, with Romero going 1, Okajima gave up 2 runs, and Piniero gave up 2. Donelly also pitched an inning I think.

    Can’t wait until next week.

  3. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    John, just in case you forgot, I thought I’d remind you:


    I can’t wait. Have a great day John.

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