Playing Catch Up

Haven’t posted here in a little while and I felt the need to catch up.

The Yankees sweep at Fenway was followed by two out of three in NY and it would probably have been another sweep if the unfortunate Jeff Karstens had avoided the Lugo line drive that broke his leg. Still, 5-1 this year and seven of the last eight (OK the last two of last season were meaningless end-of-season affairs).

Sox in first place with, briefly, the best record in baseball and the other lot in last place, umpteen games under five hundred.

And then today’s crazy ride with Matsuzaka coughing up 5 in the first on three walks, a hit batter and an error. Sox tying with five of their own, including a Manny HR, taking the lead, losing it again to give Dice-K a no-decision and Manny’s second of the game for the 8-7 win.

Meanwhile in Texas, the other lot were playing a double-header and, unusually, won both games so they made up a little ground (but they’re still .440 which is all good). With any luck, they’ll be knackered for the weekend series against the M’s.

The Sox are in the awful dome in Minnesota. My imperfect memory tells me they traditionally don’t do well there. Timmy goes tomorrow (for me) at lunchtime, then Snr Tavarez faces Santana, with Curt in the Sunday game. I’d take a  2-1 Sox series but 1-2 wouldn’t be the end of the world.

Mid-autumn sun tomorrow so I might get out on the deck for the last time this season.

::Clinks wine glass::

Go Sox!



  1. Noni

    John, hope you are well.
    DiceK had me going in that first inning. But thankfully the guys had some hits for him. (Even if he didn’t get the win) And how about that Mike Lowell? Too Many errors, but hot at the bat!

    Autum is, that means you get baseball in the winter. RSC would love that.



    Hi John, was wondering when you’d post a new one. If you are on the deck, send SG a picture OK?

    One thing guaranteed in the Metrodome is that at least one ball will bounce off the ceiling. Stupid domes.

    Anyway, take care.


  3. John

    Thanks for stopping by.

    Noni, baseball’s a game for summer. I’d give anything to be able to experience a whole season in ‘real time’ but Green Cards aren’t available when the occupation is “Redsox fan”:).

    Ted, the sun disappeared today about an hour before first pitch, so I stayed indoors. I wasn’t really expecting a win today so my 2-1 series is loking good.


    John, your hope of a 2-1 series looks likely with Schilling going tomorrow. Tavarez vs. Santana looks like a huge mismatch on paper, but stanger things have happened.

    The way the team is playing right now, anything is possible.

    Take care,


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