Halfway There

I had planned a post at the halfway point of the season which should be 81 games. For reasons I can’t fathom, the Sox have reached this point with today’s nice 5-0 win over the Diamondbacks. They are in first place with a 49-32 record, one game ahead of the Team Formerly Known As The Tampa Bay Devil Rays.

The Rays are 46-31 on 77 games and that’s what I can’t understand. Nobody else other than the Sox has reached 81 games, in both leagues. Yes, I know the Sox started before everyone else in Japan but Oakland did too and they’re on 76 games. Odd, huh?

If you gave the Rays three of the four games, they’d be tied for the AL East lead. Will they never wake up and remember their place?

Anyway, with a fairly typical run of injuries, the Sox have stayed in serious contention for three months, with Papi due back imminently and Dice-K back this weekend in Houston after a disasterous return against St Louis.

The series loss to the Cards was their first home series loss this season and they’re still on pace for some sort of home win-loss record. They have an opportunity on the upcoming trip to get their road record to .500. Only the Angels, Rangers and the Y*****s in the AL have road records above .500.

So off we go into the next 81 games. It may be a bumpy ride but I’d take 98-64 come September 30th.



  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    //but I’d take 98-64 come September 30th.//.

    You and me both, Scouser. Something tells me the Rays will be like the Brewers last year and hang in until about the middle of August, then tail off. I hope.

    And if you, my friend, were a TRUE Sox fan, you get rid of that Garza fellow on your fantasy league team! 😉

    Matt F*****g Garza is going to be my downfall this week, and I’m not too happy about it!

    Hope this finds you well, buddy.

  2. horshamscouse

    Won’t help your lot much, but I was thinking of benching Garza and Shields if they come up against the Sox at the Trop. By then The Towhees will be out of sight now that Chipper and Albert are back.

  3. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    Your Towhees gotta figure out a way to get past my army of roided up little people first!

  4. horshamscouse

    Spoke too soon. Chipper’s going on the DL and I can’t drop him.
    I’m leaving Shields in for the Ks not the win.
    It ran very close with your roidkins but the Towhees pulled through (towhee pull=taffy pull, ho ho)

  5. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    John, this is the craziest league. I’m up 10-3 going into the last day, and barely squeak by you at 7-6!

    5 games seperating 5 of us; outa be interesting!

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