Thanks, Manny

MannyHits1.jpgEight years after he announced his arrival in Boston with a 3-run homer, and following a fairly precipitous falling-out with the Sox Front Office, Manuel Aristides Ramirez is no longer a Red Sox player.

I’ve made my feelings about Manny very clear here and elsewhere over the last couple of years. He was the best, most naturally gifted right-hand hitter I and most of us will ever see.
Two months ago, I was in Camden Yards when Manny became only the 24th player to reach 500 career home runs and I became uncharacteristically emotional. In the intervening weeks,something happened to make Manny even more determined to leave and the FO even more determined to get some value for him.

I don’t much care what caused this. His departure sooner rather than later was inevitable, given the nature of his contract. I much prefer to remember the pleasure, the sheer joy of his contribution to the Sox over the last eight years. Yes. and the weird and quirky moments too.

He’s gone to LA to patrol the wide open spaces in left field at Chavez Ravine for the rest of the season (good luck out there, Manny, with no Green Monster to shelter in front of or inside), and to try to help the Dodgers into the playoffs in the god-awful NL West. After that, and the inevitable exit in the first round, Manny and his agent will presumably be touting his services back in the AL for next year and more. Just pray it’s not with the Y*****s.

So I’ll add my thanks to Manny for all he did for the Red Sox and for my enjoyment of RedSox baseball and for that magical moment in Baltimore in May.





    Hear, hear.

    Manny was the best right handed hitter I’ve ever seen. And for all the nonsense, I still wish he was here.

    God Speed, Manny.


    Hear, hear John.

    He’s the best Righthanded hitter I’ve ever seen.

    And it is all kind of awesome you got to see #500 in person.

    God Speed, Manny.

  3. horshamscouse

    Ted, you’ve got Becks double post disease!

    I know, it’s just the comment delay makes you think you haven’t commented so you try again.

  4. noni

    I loved Manny for the past 8 seasons, but I hated the things he was doing the last few weeks to get his way.
    The man is a great ballplayer, but he was making much too much money to act like a spoiled child.
    Good Luck to him in the NL.

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