Season Over. Let’s Play Ball!

So, 162 games later the regular season 2008 is over for the
Sox. And they’re in the postseason again.

Where did the last six months (and a bit: don’t forget Japan)

At the halfway point, I said I’d settle for a second half
repeat of the first 81 games. That would have had them at 98-64 and,
incidentally, winning the AL East. As it was,  they finished on 95-67 and second to the very
odd Tampa Bay Rays. Where did their
performance come from? Please tell me they can’t keep it going in the playoffs.

And now we await the playoffs although not for too long. The
Sox/Angels series is the TBS/MLB devised ALDS Series B, which has game 1 on
Wednesday in Anaheim at 10 p.m. Eastern, with game 2 on Friday and game 3 back at Fenway on
Sunday. That’s gameday, offday, gameday, travel day. I suspect it would have
been the same if the series was between, let’s say, the Angels and the
Mariners. Ted Turner has even more to answer for.

My broadband throughput cap will be severely tested as ESPN
here have no plans to cover either division series live or at all so I’ll be
hitting hard. At least I’ll get Don Orsillo for a few more

I had a vague thought that I might revive last year’s
Internet Café mojo. Who knows, it might bring the Sox some luck and save my
download allowance for the ALCS.

Sounds like a plan.





    Go to the Internet Cafe’.

    Or I’m sending Rakes to NZ to live with you.


  2. horshamscouse

    Work might keep me away from game 1 but game 2’s on my Saturday afternoon and I’ve taken leave for games 3 and 4 so the Internet Cafe in Wellington CBD will be getting multiple visits. Not that I wouldn’t welcome Rakes with open arms you understand. 🙂

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