We’re No Angels

This set of ramblings was never going to be a daily
chronicle of Red Sox games.  There are
dozens of those out there that do a good job of Sox won/Sox lost/Sox was
robbed. But for the ALDS I thought I’d do a round up, largely for my own
benefit. Pretty soon they’ll be embroiled in the ALCS with Tampa
Bay and I’ll forget.

Over the past few days the Sox and the Angels played four
amazing and at times inept games, with the Sox taking both in Anaheim
when I and most everyone else would have settled for a split and returning to
Fenway to try to sweep them again.

Game 1

Because if the silly West Coast start times, I could simply
leave work early on Thursday to get to see the whole game. Jon Lester’s solid
seven innings and Jason Bay’s
2-run homer in his first ever playoff game led to a Sox 4-1 win.

Game 2

Saturday afternoon and Jason
Bay did it again to start game 2
with a three run shot and the Sox had a 5-1 lead by the fourth. Then they dozed
off and the Angels chipped away to tie at 5-5 in the 8th. Ruh-oh.

Then JD Drew, who might not have been playing in this series,
took their ace closer deep for two and Pap got the save.

Game 3

So back to Fenway for the sweep which was not to be. With
Ted on an Awayday from North Carolina, Cyn, Kelly and Tru representing, the Angels won in extras courtesy on an
awful fielding error which gave the Sox an undeserved lead, and some terrible
umpiring calls which, eventually, gave the Angels the win in the twelfth. A long, tense, scratchy loss.

Following last year’s play off superstition, I took a couple
of days off and headed for the skifields for some snow and to watch the game
away from home. Didn’t get to see much snow (the top of Ruapehu was covered in
cloud the whole time). I watched the game in a motel room in a town called Ohakune
which exists for skiers and snowboarders and, apparently, for carrots.


Game 4


Picture from The Sydney Morning Herald

With the weather closing in again I decided the mojo wasn’t
working and headed home in time for the agony and the ecstasy of game 4 on
Tuesday at 1:30. This was the
twelfth Sox win in 13 postseason games against the Angels in their various
guises. How could we have doubted them?

Lester demonstrated again that he’s the ace of this team, pitching seven miserly innings and leaving with a 2-0 lead. No W though as the Angels pulled two back off Masterson who seemed overawed by the occasion.

Then AL MVP in waiting Dustin Pedroia got his first hit of the series and Jed Lowrie drove home the walk-off run scored by who else but Jay Bay. Can you say ALDS MVP?

Memorable play of the game: Tek chasing Willits back to third after a failed squeeze attempt.

Onward to Tampa.
I’ve just been working the schedule into NZ summer time and I get civilized
games on Saturday and Sunday but after that I may have to conjure up plausible
reasons for working from home for Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday, with two starts around 1:30 and one at 9:30 a.m.



  1. redsox8585@earthlink.net

    John, great recap. Yeah, my mojo got seriously messed up some how. They won a day later than I’d hoped, but I’ll take it.

    Great pictures, btw. But WHF is up with the carrot? 😉

    Hope you are well, buddy.


  2. horshamscouse

    Turns out that Ohakune is (or thinks it is) the carrot-growing capital of New Zealand. Something about volcanic soil being perfect for carrots.

    On the way up there the road goes through a town called Taihape which has a giant workboot on its approach: http://www.flickr.com/photos/davorg/2205269729/

    to promote its annual gumboot day. Go figure.

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