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It’s Still The Skydome

The Sox are in Toronto until Thursday in the big white building with the roof. For last night’s game NASN in the UK had Rogers Network coverage with two Canadians who sounded like the ‘before’ guys in a broadcasting school exercise. If I hadn’t fallen asleep just after Manny’s homer I would have switched to MLBTV and NESN. 

But that’s not the point. The point is they were playing in  something called the Rogers Center. No it’s not, it’s the Skydome or, at a pinch, the SkyDome. There are some stadiums which don’t deserve the ignominy of naming rights name changes and the Skydome is one of them.

I actually think the new Giants stadium could have been another (it’s certainly an amazing place to watch baseball) but it’s already beyond redemption having had three different names in five or six years. Stadiums should be named for who plays there (Tiger Stadium, Yankee Stadium) or where they are (Fenway Park, Camden Yards). The old vanity naming by owners (Comiskey, Joe Robbie, Jack Murphy etc.) was just about OK; naming rights changes every few years are just a joke. (Yes I know the guy who owns Rogers Communications is called Rogers).

Anyway, when I woke up, the Sox had just pulled level and I briefly thought they were going to win but….

Had the pleasure of reading Red Sox Chick’s liveblog this morning which was much more fun than the game wraps on mlb.com!

Mr Beckett’s up tonight so, with luck, the Sox’ll level the series and I’ll stay awake long enough to be sure it’s a done deal.